Launching of My Freediving Marketplace

Following the COVID-19 situation, the platform “My Freediving” has developed an online marketplace. The aim is to make it easier for instructors to live off their passion by connecting them to students wherever they go. The prospective benefits derived from it will be used to finance the programs of the Apnea Green Organization.

Its principle is simple, it is open for all and enables the direct marketing of freediving courses worldwide. When a student books a course, a small percentage of the amount received by the instructor (5%) is donated to Apnea Green, the transaction and protection of the parties are guaranteed by PayPal, and a mutual review system is put in place. 

As you can see if you go through the documents available on the marketplace, the safety of the future students is our top priority. Everything has been put in place to offer a safe, professional, and transparent solution for all.

Please feel free to use it if you are an instructor under active status, and if the area you live in is already reopened, or about to. The website has been optimized using SEO best practices and is designed to rank high on Google relatively rapidly.

Before editing any course listing, please refer to the “How it works” document and to the Terms of use.

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