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O C E A N   A W A R E N E S S 

Conservation Freediving Bohol has teamed up with Eco Warrior Mermaid to provide integrated courses on mermaiding combined with educational classes in marine ecology, plastic pollution, ocean literacy, climate change and marine conservation

U N D E R W A T E R   A R T

Play with fantasy underwater. We offer complete mermaid course packages and photoshoots. Get involved with our ongoing social projects, through volunteering or long term internship

Learn how to dive recreationally with elegance as you wear a beautiful mermaid tail and glide through the water. Through the eco warrior mermaid program, you will be taken through the basics of freediving, safety in the water, breathing methodology and swimming techniques as a fluid mermaid underwater. 

The mermaid courses range from intro to master level, with each step taking you deeper into the world of diving and mermaiding. The full course runs for 3 days, and takes you through multiple open water and pool sessions, theory classes and practicals with the mermaid and dive gear. Educational manual is supplied to each student at the beginning of the course, and you will have the constant support of a qualified freediving/mermaid instructor at all times. Depending on the course, we also offer photoshoots with a photographer offering different underwater settings and fantasy scenes. Maximum number of students per program is 5, which allows for in-depth personalised classes that suit the needs of each individual student. 

Take a look at the mermaid courses offered below for more details and to see what it all entails.. The most important thing to take note of is that all of our classes are designed with environmental awareness and ultimately we want you to enjoy yourself. Unlike freediving disciplines mermaiding is all about having fun and using your imagination. Express yourself through graceful movement and let go, we have you! 

Our Different Mermaid Courses

Intro course

This course is aimed for those that don’t have time for the full Eco Warrior Mermaid course, but would like to get the basics of becoming an eco-mermaid. Learn about the effects of plastic pollution, and how we can make simple changes in our day to day so that the oceans remain clean. Then it’s onto the water based activities, like mermaid poses, safety techniques, of course a photoshoot to finish it off.

  • Course duration: 1 day
  • Prerequisites: be at least 12 years old and able to swim
  • Inclusions : Mermaid equipment
> USD 95 <

full Eco Warrior Mermaid Course

This is an intensive 3 day course filled with informative guides on ocean sustainability, marine ecology,  protecting our ecosystems, and the ultimate mermaiding experience! Learn how to become an eco warrior mermaid with all of the trimmings, including a fun photoshoot each day.

  • Course duration: 3 days
  • Prerequisites: be at least 12 years old, be able to swim 200m without assistance, and have no medical constraints
  • Inclusions : Mermaid equipment, certificate
> USD 250 <

swim classes

This is a swim class for those that want to practice their mermaiding/monofin technique. The focus is on form, and fitness. Did you know that mermaiding is great exercise for your core? Get toned in no time!

  • Course duration: 1 hour
  • Course details : practice the techniques and swim strokes used with a mermaid tail
  • Prerequisites: basic swimming abilities
  • Inclusions : mermaid equipment
> USD 30 <

Eco intro

For those that want to keep it purely about the environment and learn how best we can protect it, along with fun and interesting workshops on things like sea turtle and coral identification, this intro course is full of interesting and educational things to take away.

  • Course duration: 2 hours
  • Course details : environmental conservation course, and speciality of your choice
  • Prerequisites: a curiosity for learning!
  • Inclusions : notes online/paperback 
> USD 40 <

eco course

For a more in depth course on marine ecosystems and for people that are curious about marine science, this course is for you. We go through ecosystems, ocean literacy, coral bleaching, fisheries and more. We offer a variety of informative courses through our partner Ocean First Education, with which you will receive a certificate of completion after the course. 

  • Session duration: 1 day
  • Prerequisites: enthusiasm for environmental protection!
  • Inclusions : notes and certificate
> USD 75 <

youth program

This is a full day of fish ecology fantasy and fun! If you are between the ages of 5 and 15 you can sign up for our youth program, and become certified as an Eco Warrior Mermaid.

  • Session duration: 1 day
  • Inclusions : mermaid equipment, certificate, photoshoot
> USD 50 <

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